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Drink Up

We should all drink plenty of fluids every day to stay hydrated. Water is essential for a healthy body and even more so when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What should you drink?

Apart from alcohol, which should be avoided during your pregnancy, any drink can be part of a healthy daily fluid intake. However, some choices might give you more than you bargained for. Keep the following tips in mind to make healthy choices.

Drink as much as you want of these no-calorie fluids:

Plain or sparkling water.

Homemade “spa water” (plain or sparkling water with slices of fresh fruit and herbs like mint or basil)

Flavored zero-calorie water.

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Drink these fluids in moderation to avoid unhealthy weight gain:

100% fruit or vegetable juice.

Low-fat or non-fat milk.

Low-calorie sports drinks.

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Limit these fluids for their effects:

Caffeinated teas and coffee. Caffeine can dehydrate you, so be careful to drink more fluids to replace what these options can take from your body.

Soft drinks. Those drinks provide a significant number of calories without providing any vitamins or minerals for you and your baby. Sip and enjoy the flavor, but if you need to satisfy thirst, choose low- or no- calorie options.

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