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Kellogg's Healthy Beginnings

Family-pleasing recipes.

Take a look at this recipe collection and discover some new ways to surprise your family at mealtime.

Get a Jump On Healthy Habits

Try adopting some of these healthy habits to get ready for your next bundle of joy. Not only will these tips help you lose weight between pregnancies, they can also help you give your entire family a healthy beginning.

Small Changes, Big Results

Don’t try to tackle all of these healthy habits at once. Set small goals by picking 1-2 of these small goals to get big success.

Find ways to reward yourself and your family that don’t include food. Indulge in the occasional treat, but don’t let occasional turn into every day habits! Avoid associating unhealthy treats with “being good.” Privileges, praise, affection and other kinds of “treats” can give you and your children the same feeling of success.

Think ahead when it comes to your health. If you know that you end up heading to the vending machine every day at 4 p.m., pack a healthy snack to eat instead. If you exercise outdoors, have an indoor fitness plan for when the weather is bad. If you don’t make a plan to succeed you’re making a plan to fail.

Limit watching television to no more than two hours a day (even on the weekends). You’ll be surprised how much more time you find in the day to do chores, play with your kids, relax, or work out when you turn the TV off, and all of those activities burn more calories than sitting on the couch! Make sure you leave the TV off during meal time as well.

Cook more often. If you find yourself eating out a lot, try cooking at least once or twice a week. It is cheaper than eating out, you can get your children involved, and it gives you more control over the types of food your family eats.

Get some sleep. Stress and sleepless nights can get in the way of your weight loss goals. Set a bedtime for you and your children. Turn of the TV and computer at least 30 minutes before bed. And to help you relax, keep a pen and paper by your bed so you can write down some of those ideas and concerns rushing through your head and then put them away for the night.

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