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Kellogg's Healthy Beginnings

Family-pleasing recipes.

Take a look at this recipe collection and discover some new ways to surprise your family at mealtime.

Meet some of the people who make up the Kellogg’s® Nutrition™ Team!

A lot of pressure comes with being a parent and we can easily stress out over trying to be “perfect”. Guess what, there is no such thing! So make sure you celebrate and give yourself credit for all those little successes you’ll enjoy as your family grows! At the end of the day it’s figuring out what works best for you and your family. Take a peek at some of the successes our team members are enjoying.

Melanie H.

Melanie Hall, MS, RD
Mother of a three year old and a newborn

Recent success: I wasn’t able to get the hang of nursing our first child, so I committed to pumping and feeding him breast milk with a bottle for a year. I always wondered if I had given up too soon and worried about being able to nurse our new son. Well, it took some effort but by week three we were doing great. It is AMAZING how much more of a connection I feel this time around while nursing our little one.

Julie S.

Julie Salmen, MS, RD
Mother of a 15 month old

Recent success: Our 15 month old has been walking for 4 months but her verbal development is a bit slower. She’d say mama or papa but not much else. The other day when asking her if she was hungry, she said "apples." and pointed to the applesauce on the counter, then she continued to say apples followed by please. It was an amazing moment when we realized she not only recognizes some foods but she is also learning to be polite when asking for something!

Sarah W.

Sarah Woodside, MS, RD
Mother of a two year old

Recent success: Our Daughter is a good eater, but still has the toddler's aversion to new foods. The other week we gave her sugar snap peas for the first time in several months and she wanted nothing to do with them. Some of them were quite small, so I started calling them baby peas. For some reason, she loved that and ate them all. Now, we just have to call something a "baby" food and she will eat it!

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Every year adds
a new chapter
to our story.


Kellogg brothers discover how to make flaked cereal


W.K. Kellogg brings consumers the world’s first ready-to-eat cereal


Kellogg hires the first full-time Dietian


Kellogg pioneers the printing of nutrition, recipes and product info on packages


The first ready-to-eat cereal fortified with B vitamins arrives in stores


Kellogg unveils the first high-protein cereal on the market


Nutrition facts appear on the front of a U.S. cereal box for the first timet


The first 100% brown rice, Gluten Free, WIC-eligible cereal hits the shelves

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