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Take a look at this recipe collection and discover some new ways to surprise your family at mealtime.

Satisfy Your Picky Eaters

As children get older and more independent, it's not unusual for them to go through a stage of being picky about what they eat. Thankfully, it’s almost always a phase in their development that they will likely outgrow.

Avoid the Fuss

Although picky eating can be exasperating, remember it’s only a temporary inconvenience. Try taking these steps to help ensure it doesn’t become a long-term problem:

If your child refuses a certain food or meal, simply clear it away without any comment — but don't then let him fill up on snacks or drinks between meals. Keep offering the food at other times. Often it is only after numerous refusals that a toddler will try a food.
Make sure your child isn't spoiling his appetite by filling up with too much fluid between meals.
Never use food as a punishment, bribe, reward or threat. These actions could lead to eating problems later in life.
Children often pick up bad eating habits from other members of their family. Watch out for older siblings being fussy, and make sure your own eating habits are setting a good example.
If your child has friends that aren’t picky eaters, invite them over for a snack or meal; peer group pressure can be a good way of persuading children to try new foods.

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