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Q & A With Rice Grower

Behind every bowl of your favorite Kellogg’s® cereal, there’s a story to be told. And our story begins in the field with dedicated, enthusiastic grain growers. We’re about to take you on a journey to Newport, Arkansas where rice grower Jennifer helps to make it all happen. Here are some words of inspiration she has to share.


Can you tell us a little bit about your history? What inspired you to choose your career?

I’m the fourth generation in a family of farmers. I was raised on a farm and as a young girl, I was never really interested in agriculture. At the University of Arkansas, I started out majoring in accounting and wanted to get a law degree. I had dreams of living in the big city, but I came to rediscover my love of agriculture. I changed my major to Agricultural Business. I asked my family what I could contribute to their operation. I’ve been working together with them ever since.

Why, how, and when did you start providing grains for Kellogg’s®?

I started growing medium-grain rice for Kellogg’s® in 2009. Medium-grain rice is, in fact, ideal for Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies®!

What types of sustainable agriculture practices do you use, and why do you view sustainable agriculture as important in your efforts?

I volunteer as Chair of the USA Rice Federation Sustainability Task Force.

We level our fields so that they have very little slope. This approach helps to conserve water. We also make an effort to recycle water with our tail water recovery system. This helps to reduce energy cost as less energy is used to pump water.

The University of Arkansas has great research programs for rice. We follow recommendations about minimum levels of fertilizer and pesticides, which is better economically and environmentally. Economic sustainability is super important for farmers. Farmers are, by far, the first conservationists ever and sustainability has carried over from generation to generation.


Do you have a favorite Kellogg’s® cereal?

I really love Cocoa Krispies®. But, we just can’t seem to grow chocolate rice! I also like Rice Krispies®. My son gave me Rice Krispies® Treats for Valentine’s Day this year.

Are there any other words of wisdom you’d like to share with lovers of Kellogg’s® cereals?

I think it’s really crucial to know where your food comes from. Our society has somewhat shifted from that in the last few decades, especially kids. I love that Kellogg’s® has a direct relationship with the farmer, which is very important. So we can safely say Kellogg’s® cereals come from local and domestic grains. They’re good advocators of this philosophy.

We at Kellogg Company appreciate the hard work, devotion, and care from field to cereal box, all the way to our breakfast bowls. We'd like to extend a special thank-you to our nation's dedicated growers for helping make breakfast possible!

Watch this video and see how rice becomes Rice Krispies® cereal.

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