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Kellogg's Healthy Beginnings

Family-pleasing recipes.

Take a look at this recipe collection and discover some new ways to surprise your family at mealtime.

MyPlate. Your Rules.

Once your baby turns 1 and starts to eat regular foods, the lessons learned from MyPlate work for him as well. Just keep these tips in mind.

Healthy Eating Habits

Try these tips to provide toddlers with good nutrition and healthy habits:

Smaller portions

Give him much smaller portions. He has a small stomach, so small meals and smart snacking will help him get the nutrients he needs without overeating.

Continue to help your child listen to his body. Don’t force him to finish his plate; there will be days he doesn’t eat a lot and days he’ll eat much more.

smaller plates

Set an example

Get him excited about trying new things by being a great role model. If your child sees you eating and enjoying healthy foods, he is more likely to want to try them.

set example

Try, try again

Don’t worry if your child refuses a food the first few times. Keep offering it. A child may have to try a food as many as 7-10 times before he decides whether or not he’ll like it.

trying food

Eat as a family

Find as many chances to eat together as a family as possible. Your young one will see other family members enjoying their food, and can improve language skills by listening to family members talking during the meal

Don’t set yourself up as a short order cook. It may be up to your child to decide how much to eat, but it is up to you to decide when and what to eat.

eat together

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